Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Privacy policy

CERTINSPECT is responsible, based on the legally enforceable agreements, with the management of all information obtained or created during the certification activities, at all the levels of its organizational structure, including commissions, collaborating staff acting on its behalf.

In order to offer its clients full confidence and to obtain privileged access to the information necessary to perform an adequate evaluation on the compliance with the certification criteria, CERTINSPECT prepared this confidentiality policy which treats as confidential the information regarding:

  • its clients;
  • its own staff and its collaborators;

  • its clients, coming from other sources than the client itself (complaints, authorities);

  • a specific client or certified person/persons.

In order to respect the principle of confidentiality, CERTINSPECT has taken the following measures:

  • signing of the Deontological Code by the entire internal staff and the collaborators, including the members of the CERTINSPECT commissions;

  • prior notification to the customer of the information that the body wishes to make public, considering that all other information is confidential except for that which is made public by the customer;
  • notify the customer before providing information about him to third parties except as required by law;
  • ensure by contractual clauses that its subcontractors respect the confidentiality of the services provided;

CERTINSPECT has processes, equipment and facilities that ensure the safe handling of confidential information: electronic storage devices for storing information, usernames and access passwords on different levels, etc.

As Director, I undertake to allocate the necessary resources for the implementation of this policy.