Quality policy

Quality policy

Quality policy

The main lines of the quality policy of CERTINSPECT are:

  • Focus on the clients, by the full understanding and satisfaction of their requirements and expectations.
  • Continuous improvement of the quality of the services we supply.
  • The involvement of the entire staff by organizing, training and motivation.

Starting from these main lines, the concern of CERTINSPECT is to ensure its clients efficiency, promptitude, objectivity, fairness and speed in solving the requests for certification of their management systems.

CERTINSPECT elaborated the documentation and implemented its own management system, that complies with the requirements of the reference standards ISO/IEC 17021-1, ISO/TS 22003, ISO/IEC 27006, as well as a set of policies concerning its own management and the supplying of the certification services, policies which ensure, on one hand, the compliance with the principles of impartiality, confidentiality, competence, transparence and, on the other hand, offer confidence to all the stakeholders in an impartial and competent evaluation by a third party.

These policies are achievable by determining objectives and targets which are permanently monitored for the purpose of continuously improving the certification processes we supply in accordance with the evolution of applicable legislation, market trends in the current economic and competitive conditions.

As Director of the organization, I undertake:

  • to ensure the conditions for the continuous understanding, maintenance, analysis and improvement of the our own management system;

  • to ensure the adequate financial, material and human resources for the implementation and maintaining of our own management system;
  • to ensure the achievement of a high level of performance for the certification services we supply, in compliance with the requirements of the references applicable to our field of activity;

  • to ensure the awareness, involvement and engagement of all the employees for the implementation of the management system;
  • to ensure the necessary conditions for the training of the employees for the fulfillment of their tasks and responsibilities;
  • to ensure communication within the organization, the maintaining and understanding of this policy at all levels;
  • o periodically analyze this policy in order to make sure of its continuous adequacy and efficiency.

I require each of our employees to be fully aware of their personal responsibility in their work in increasing the efficiency of our own implemented management system.