Management systems certification, technical audits, training courses

CERTINSPECT REGISTER organizes open courses but also for the client, for all the management systems for which it performs certifications.

CertInspect Register

Certification of management systems, audits, inspections, courses

We certify the existing management systems within the organizations, using qualified auditors, with a rich experience in the audited field. Among the main certification services offered are those based on the standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 27001, ISO 20000-1, ISO 22301, ISO 37001, ISO 22000, RS 20000, ISO 50001, ISO 3834, SR EN 15224 etc. For all these standards we offer introductory courses in the requirements of the standards and training courses for internal / external auditors, based on the international standard ISO 19011. CERTINSPECT REGISTER can perform technical audits in various fields and inspections "at source" (eg: supplier / seller).



“I express my appreciation for the collaboration of our company - the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority with the CERTINSPECT REGISTER body as a result of the high-level provision of certification services. CERTINSPECT REGISTER has been successfully qualified following the elaboration by AACR of concrete requirements related to the experience, accreditation, recognition as a certification body as well as related to the competence of auditors in the field in which we operate. ”
Ioana Zaideș
AACR Quality and Compliance Monitoring Department
“I’m glad to recommend Certinspect Register as a very professional international certification company. After a first commercial contact by mail and a strict selection process (forms to complete, video conferences to precise our scope and organization, mails to fix some details) they succeeded in convincing us working with them, as well by their competitive pricing as by their knowledge of our business area and the confidence they built with us.”
Aleth Delcenserie
Chief Quality Officer PENTALOG FRANCE SAS
“The Romanian Auto Registry formulates this letter as a result of the good collaboration with the company CERTINSPECT REGISTER SRL, through the participation of RAR employees in the professional training courses. The experience, professionalism, flexibility and promptness they showed in collaborating with us, recommend them as a reliable partner, being a good organizer of professional training programs. "
Radian Tufă
General Manager of the Romanian Auto Registry
“ALTEX ROMANIA SRL recommends the company CERTINSPECT REGISTER SRL as one of the most professional and involved providers of conformity assessment services for management systems, inspections and audits. The services provided by CERTINSPECT REGISTER SRL are in accordance with international quality standards. "
Andrei-Cristian Camara
Altex Romania Sales Manager

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