The role of an anti-bribery system


The role of an anti-bribery system

The role of an anti-bribery management system, based on the ISO 37001 standard, is to prevent, detect and manage possible cases of bribery within state and / or private organizations.

The standard is addressed especially to institutions and organizations exposed to these risks, as well as their suppliers and requires the implementation of processes, procedures, organizational structures such as: anti-bribery policy, designation responsible for anti-bribery management system, reporting and investigation processes, measures for verifying financial and non-financial transactions.

Particular attention is paid in ISO 37001 to the types of suppliers and business partners with whom the organization conducts business relations, in order to reduce as much as possible the risks of bribery, which could involve the legal and contractual liability of the organization and its representatives. .

The certification of the anti-bribery management system demonstrates that the organization has implemented measures to prevent bribery, specific control and reporting measures.

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