A successful business must be maintained even in the difficult conditions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic that threatens the lives and health of its employees and customers. 

The whole industry has been affected by the measures taken to limit the spread of the new SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and the fear of the danger of infection has made a large part of the population much more selective about the places they frequent. 

The hotel industry, restaurants, bars, cafes and catering companies (HoReCa) have been hit hard by the measures imposed to limit the spread of the new coronavirus. 

CERTINSPECT REGISTER, as an inspection body, has developed the #BeSafe scheme in order to increase the level of trust of customers and potential customers in organizations that adopt #BeSafe requirements. Through the #BeSafe certification of the organization’s locations, the hygiene, sanitation, social distancing and control measures regarding the spread of new coronavirus infections, implemented by the organization in its locations are validated by CERTINSPECT REGISTER.
In order to obtain #BeSafe certification by CERTINSPECT REGISTER, organizations must demonstrate that they meet all the requirements of this scheme in all locations where they wish to use the #BeSafe mark.

Among the over 70 requirements of the #BeSafe scheme are:

– implementation of all legal measures imposed by the authorities;
– the appointment of responsible persons to carry out internal monitoring of compliance with infection prevention measures and to manage the activities required in the event of an infection being detected;
– Existence of internal procedures and traffic flows and interactions between employees and customers in order to limit as much as possible the physical contact with food, employees and other objects through which the infection could spread;
– identification of the factors favoring the appearance and possible spread of the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and early adoption of preventive measures;
– restricting access to areas at risk of spreading infections so as not to create congestion (example: gates / doors entering and leaving the site, the existence of biocidal substances to be made available to employees / customers, the availability of protective masks in the areas where necessary);
– posting instructions on access to the site and arranging jobs in order to comply with the legal requirements for disease prevention;
– the existence of epidemiological triage;
– measures to regularly raise the awareness of employees regarding the observance of the measures of social distancing, correct wearing of protective masks and hygiene;
– measures for the regular sanitation of the spaces where the employees work and of the areas dedicated to the clients;

Which organizations can get #BeSafe certification?

The requirements of the #BeSafe scheme can be successfully applied throughout the HoReCa industry, in food and beverage production and processing units, conference and event centers, airports, passenger transport companies, office and commercial buildings, theaters, performance halls, etc. .

How to get anti-COVID-19 #BeSafe certification?

Following the completion of the Certification Application available on our website in the Documents section and the conclusion of the certification contract, we will send you the #BeSafe specification with all the requirements to be implemented by your organization. After aligning the organization with the requirements of #BeSafe, CERTINSPECT REGISTER SRL will audit the location where the measures included in the certification scheme were implemented and if it finds compliance with them will grant the #BeSafe certificate and the right to use the mark in that location.