Welders and welding procedures

Welder qualification standards:

– EN 13067 – Standard for the qualification of welders (welding for thermoplastic materials (eg polypropylene)
– Etc.

The term “qualification” means that a welder or welding equipment operator has met the requirements of a particular standard and is qualified to perform the welds specified in the scope of that standard. To become an authorized welder, they must have the necessary skills to perform a proper welding, which is acceptable after a visual inspection and which meets the requirements of testing (mechanical and metallographic tests).

With the help of welding qualification services, you benefit from the following:

  • Are you sure that you have hired welders whose qualifications have been verified and who can perform precise work?
  • Obtaining a competitive advantage with the help of a mark indicating an audit by a neutral body
  • Take advantage of shorter audits and our vast experience
  • Ability to demonstrate the high standard of your standards
  • Ensuring compliance with local and legal government requirements

With the help of qualified welders, the quality of welding work will increase.